You Pay for Good Neighbors

If there was one thing I learned while I was growing up, it was that you should always make sure you get along with your neighbors because they can make your life either a lot of fun or really sad. I had neighbors that were not nice and they even called the police on us when we mowed their lawn. I was really shocked because we both share the lawn and we never had a problem with the people who lived there before. I was certain that I was going to live with at Boulevard 88 in Singapore and actually have a much better time than with the neighbors that I had so long ago. People were paying a lot of money to live there versus where I used to live so I thought that the neighbors would be much better but I really had no idea the way things were going to be.

When we moved in, there were a lot of people that were trying to come over and say hi to us the second the movers left. I was so overwhelmed but I let people in and they let people in and then before I knew it I had people handing me wine, wearing socks and bare feet helping me move things around. I even had a few people telling me how to go and get some more decor to match my new building. There were a lot of cool things about my unit like large brick walls and floor to ceiling windows that I could only dream of. I had no idea how nice it was going to be to live in a place where people care about one another and actually look out for your well being in addition to you caring for theirs as well.