Working to Regain Market Share by Improving Our Page Ranking

We were generating a nice income with our online business, but then we had sales drop off. A competitor ended up with a higher page ranking than us. We relied a lot on new customer acquisition since a lot of our products were one time purchases. When we dropped in page ranking, our competitor advanced. I looked for a company that does search engine optimization for Atlanta businesses. We needed to get our domain ranked higher again at the search engines. I wanted to be in the top three websites underneath the ad results.

There are mixed results in how I see customers viewing those ad sites that pop up at the top of a search. I think some customers click on them but others question them as being a valid result simply because they are paying to have that spot. Plus, depending on what you search for, the ad results can be way off base. We already paid a lot for advertising on the Internet, but we needed to get our natural page ranking back up to the top of the results page when people search for the things that we offer. That all has to do with great SEO.

It really s simple. It is designing the words on your website to improve your search engine optimization. If you sell cars, you want to be at the top of car results. If you sell Italian sports cars, you want to use words on your website that indicate that. Our site was good, but it really needed optimized to work with the rules established by the latest search engine algorithm. The company that we hired to do search engine optimization for Atlanta businesses like ours really paid off. Within 30 days we were number two on the results page for every relevant search term for our industry.