We Found Our Daughter and That is What Counts

When my friend suggested employing a psychic source to help located our missing daughter, we almost laughed her out of the house. We would have, that is, if we weren’t at our wits end wondering where our beloved child went. She went off to college in August and everything seemed to be going well. It turns out it wasn’t. She fell in with a bad crowd and was flunking most of her courses. She was behind in rent, we learned later, and then wasn’t returning our calls. My husband drove down to investigate and discovered her empty apartment.

None of her acquaintances knew anything, or so they told the police. After a week the police decided she had likely went off to clear her head and basically closed the investigation. With her being over eighteen, they claimed there wasn’t much they could do anyway lacking clear evidence of foul play or another crime.

We didn’t think she would just go off, however. She was always pretty responsible about checking in and discussing her problems with us. We thought about hiring a private detective to track down here whereabouts, but the cost was prohibitive to say the least. As her disappearance stretched into more than two weeks, I was beginning to think someone had abducted her and taken her out of the country or a few other crazy scenarios that are best not elaborated upon.

So when our close family friend suggested a psychic source, we didn’t laugh for long about it. I checked into it further and found a person who claimed they could help. As skeptical as I was, I was willing to try anything to get to the bottom of the mystery. The psychic reading specifically mentioned a certain hotel on the coast and, one thing after another, we did indeed locate my daughter! I’m definitely a believer!