We Bought a Place in the Country

We found a really inexpensive place out in the country. It used to be a farm and the house needs a good deal of work. There are some out buildings as well and that is why we need to find someone that does rodent control in Scottsdale. We got a couple of half wild cats and they are working on the problem as well as they can. Of course you can not get just any cat and expect it to be any good at mousing. I have heard people say that the mother cat has to teach the kittens how to do it. They will catch a mouse and bring it back to their litter live so that the kittens will learn that they are supposed to hunt them. At any rate the cat we had to start with is completely useless. It does not even seem to notice the mice or care about them in the least. There are more than the cats can handle at any rate

We already got a few chickens and we are going to get a couple of goats too. At least that is Emily’s project. I wanted to get a cutting horse, like my uncle had when I was a boy. He had one that he would let his girlfriend use for barrel racing and that was a tremendous amount of fun. A well trained horse does the entire job really and all you have to do is stay on and not screw things up. It is an expensive hobby though. Horses get sick just like people do and there are hundreds of things that you need to protect them against. Unless you can really afford it and afford to keep it healthy, then you do not need to do it until you can manage it.