We Are in Florida Now

We have been down here in Florida for some time and we have been pretty happy so far. Of course my boss gave me little choice in the matter, they needed me down here and they did not give much thought to my opinion. At any rate Linda was easily able to find a job, in fact she had a lot of choices. The one that she picked was an outfit which did home care for Boca Raton. Of course she has worked in big hospitals and in doctor’s offices, all of which can get old in a rather big hurry. This is different and a lot more relaxed and it is a lot more personal as well. At any rate she seems to like it so far. We are worried about the kids though. They are small and they are used to running around without much thought to dangers. They have things down here that you have to worry about.

The place where we live is really close to a canal and I went back there this morning and I saw an enormous alligator. At least I thought that it was huge. The other neighbors told me that it was just a reasonably large one, that they get a whole lot bigger and of course they said that you have to watch your kids and your pets. An alligator is not smart enough to know that people are bad news for them, they have been around since the dawn of time pretty much and they only know how to snap those big jaws shut and swallow anything unlucky enough to get caught inside. Of course they have a bunch of big snakes, I saw one that they call a hog snake and it was just really really big and not very pretty.