Underlayment That Muffles Floor Noises

I am going to put a new floor into the upstairs of my house, but I want to make sure that I find good underlayment to put down under the flooring to serve as a floor muffler, because otherwise I am afraid that the new hardwood floor will make too much noise when people walk on it, and that is especially a concern at night, when people are trying to sleep. I have lived in a house with hardwood floors on the upstairs, and bed rooms on the first story. In this case, the floors did not have any underlayment under them, and so it quite loud when people walked through the house and you were trying to sleep.

That was especially the case if they weren’t trying to walk quietly. It was not the most ideal situation, and I know that they make underlayments for flooring that is designed to have good acoustic dampening properties, thereby muffling the noises that would otherwise travel through the floor. I am pretty excited that I am going to try to take this project on myself, because it represents the biggest DIY project that I have ever attempted.

It definitely won’t be easy, and it will probably take me awhile to complete, but it is going to save me a lot of money to it myself. Well, that is assuming that I am actually able to do it right. If I messed it up, and then had to call in a contractor to fix it, then obviously that would cost me a lot more money. But I don’t anticipate that will happen, and if I did, I would not even attempt the project in the first place. Rather, I have a pretty high level of confidence that I know what I am doing.