Time Has Changed a Lot of Things for the Better

I grew up in a time where privacy was important. It seems like many young people today feel much more free to say and do things that were frowned upon in my day. I think that it is great that young people have less hang ups these days, but that still doesn’t change my feelings. Once you get something in your mind, it’s hard to change. So rather than head to a pharmacy in person, I get my Viagra online in AU without having to even drive anywhere. My package comes to me every month, and no one has any idea. It also saves me a lot of time, which I really find to be nice, too.

As much as I have seen things change over the decades, I am also surprised by how many things have not changed. It think it’s great that people are learning to generalize less about different groups of people. Yet, bullying is still rampant in schools. It breaks me heart to know that there are students who are still being teased relentlessly in school like they were back when I was in school. Schools really need to do something to curb it even more because no child should be distracted from getting a good education that will help him or her in life as they age.

Another thing that I find interesting is that dating people has changed a lot. Back in my day, it was considered very improper for a female to call a male. It was only considered appropriate for the male to call the female first. I remember my dad hammering that one home to me back when I first started dating. But these days, that no longer matters. In fact, my kids chuckle when I tell them that’s how it was back when I was growing up.