Thinking About a Trip to Turkey

I have been thinking about going some place on the Mediterranean, mostly to escape the weather here in the New England area. I am thinking about some place warm that I have not been before. I have been to Italy and Greece, the latter a couple of years ago. I enjoyed it a good deal and in fact the place was really inexpensive in comparison to many other places. If you click here you can see the site that I was looking, they offer guided tours. The site is called Fezbus dot com. Of course you have to realize that a large part of the country is not going to be a very good place for a tourist to go on vacation. In the South along the Iraqi border the Turkish government has reignited the conflict with the Kurdish Minority. In particular they are trying to crush the PKK, which much of the world regards as a terrorist entity. Obviously the area around the Syrian border is going to be inhospitable. You would even have to worry that gangs of kidnappers could try to snatch you and sell you to terrorists across the border. In fact the best tourist destinations are on the Aegean Sea and around Istanbul, which is the capital of Turkey. The city has been around for a very long time, and it features some really awesome sights. The big draw is Saint Sofia’s Cathedral which was built when the city was called Constantinople by one of the Byzantine emperors. It features an absolutely incredible free stand dome. Of course I would probably not get a good look at the features that I am interested in. In fact the entire city has hundreds of places to see and you would not have time to see half of them.