The Cat and the Broken Antenna

My cat can really do some damage to the items in my home sometimes. I really love him, but I hate it when he breaks something. He’s knocked a glass off the table before, broken a candle by jumping into it, and even knocked over a picture frame. His most recent accident happened when he was climbing around and knocked the antenna off of my television stand. The antenna hit the ground and snapped into two pieces. I had to find a website that sold cheap television accessories because without the antenna, there was no way that I could watch television.

The reason that I use an antenna to watch television is because I have cut the cord a long time ago. I used to have cable television, but I stopped using it when the cost became too high. The cable company wanted me to pay nearly $200 a month for their service, and I wasn’t going to fork over that much money. Many of the channels I didn’t even watch, so I was just pay for nothing. Instead, I just bought an antenna to watch my local channels, and use streaming sites to watch anything else that is usually found on the cable channels.

I bought a different antenna than the one I used to have, because I couldn’t find like the old one. I think the company that made that particular antenna discontinued that product in favor of a better one. I took some precautions to prevent my cat from breaking the new antenna. I bought a security cable and wrapped it around the base of the new antenna. This cable goes through my television stand and locks, so that the antenna can’t move. If the cat gets back on the stand, it won’t be able to knock anything off.