The Bond of Animal Socks

I love birds, specifically eagles. They always have the coolest feather patterns and they look so amazing when they’re flying around in the sky. I own eagle shirts, eagle posters, and even a little eagle statue that sits in my room. I didn’t have eagle socks, until a few weeks ago. I found a website that lets people make custom bird socks, so I picked the coolest picture of an eagle that I could find on the Internet and uploaded it to the website to make a new pair of socks, and then I placed the order.

The socks arrived shortly and I tore open the box containing them and put them on. I wanted to get some exercise done, so I ran to the park. I felt like I was running with the speed of an eagle while I was wearing the socks. I know that it was purely mental and the socks didn’t really give me a speed increase, but it was still a good feeling. While I was running, a little kid saw my eagle socks and pointed at them, telling me that he thought the socks were cool. The boy was with his mother and she told him not to point, but I told her that it was fine and I was glad that he liked the socks.

I continued on my run stopped after a while for a rest. I was sitting on a park bench and a woman sat down next to me. She saw my socks and thought they looked good. She was wearing a pair of dog socks with a picture of her own dog on them. We had a long conversation about animal socks and were getting a bit hungry, so we agreed to have lunch together at a local restaurant.