Something to Cheer My Little Guy Up

I decided to buy dog toys recently due to a big promotion at work that has kept me away from home for a few extra hours a day. I have a dog and he isn’t taking the promotion that well. You know how dogs get used to a routine schedule, and when that schedule is interrupted it can be very hard on them. He was used to me leaving at the same time in the morning and coming home at the same time every night, and that has all been upended with the new job. He’s not a happy camper.

I set up a couple of cameras in my house and had them stream to the internet so I could keep an eye on him at work. It was a really depressing site. All he did all day was mope around the place, and he seemed to be sleeping a lot more than normal. I also noticed that he would go and sit at the door and then move back and forth between there and the window around the old time I used to get home. It was so sad, but I didn’t think there was much I could do about it.

Then I thought about dog toys. Maybe I could find something for him online that would keep him occupied. I found a few items online and purchased them. The thing was is that I didn’t have many toys for him before. I had a rope that we would play tug with, but nothing like squeaker toys that might hold his interest and distract him from thinking about my absence. The toys definitely helped as now I’d see him get up and play with them throughout the day. I think it’s been better. It’s not perfect, but better. He seems happier anyway!