Something Better for a Snack

During the day, I usually go to the vending machine at work for a quick snack. The food and drink machines are right next to each other, so I’ll grab a bag of chips or a candy bar, and a bottle of soda. It fills me up for the moment, but it doesn’t give me that much energy. My wife suggested I try eating something a little healthier, and bought me some healthy walnut snacks. I like walnuts, but I usually eat them at the end of the year during Christmas time. I never considered having them on a regular basis.

My wife also bought me some baby carrots, trail mix, and pomegranate juice to replace the soda. It seemed like she was trying to put me on a diet. Although I don’t always eat the healthiest foods, I’m not fat or overweight. Out of everything my wife gave me, the pomegranate juice was the only questionable thing, because until the moment my wife got it for me, I had never tried it. My wife told me that I would love it, but I was skeptical. I was willing to try it at least once to see if she was right.

The walnuts were even better than the ones I usually have at Christmas. They were mixed with some ginger to really bring out the flavor. The baby carrots were just as I expected. It’s pretty hard to make baby carrots taste bad. The trail mix was the same. The pomegranate juice surprised me as well. My wife knows her juices. The next time I go to the store, I should find some pomegranates and eat them whole. I know they have a lot of seeds in them, but navigating around them will be worth it to get to the the fruit.