Anyone Can Help the Environment

air pollution in indiaToo many times, people think that they alone cannot do anything that will help the environment. This thinking is problematic because it quite literally only takes one person making so small changes to make a big difference.

Of course, one person will not save the world on their own, but making a few adjustments to day-to-day life can still make quite an impression when it comes to the enviroment.

We all know that we should be replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescent ones to save energy and shutting off the water when brushing our teeth, but there are a host of other things that we can also look into. For example, another way to save water is by installing low-flow shower heads. Continue reading Anyone Can Help the Environment

My Growing Concern with the Environment

Furnace Air Filter Air Cleaning Allergies Lately, I have been a little concerned with all of the pollutants we put in the air. Honestly, I can’t pin point where this concern came from but I did some research and found a wonderful site for Ohio that explains restrictions on certain things. It had a lot more information that I expected to find on such a small state. Well, small in comparison to some of the bigger states with much bigger cities.

Ohio actually has quite a few regulations on air pollution and I was shocked to see some of the other things they monitor. They monitor the emissions from smoke stacks and I had no idea that was such a well watched area. Obviously, smoke stacks created a lot of pollutants and of course it is necessary to get rid of them but they have to follow some strict rules on how to do so. If you are caught in violation of the rules more than six times, there are some pretty serious consequences. I am happy to see such rules and regulations being enforced.

With all of the businesses and companies we have, it is impossible to expect a company to not put out some times of air pollution. If they did not, then the employees who work for these companies would become very ill, very fast. The Ohio government site has a lot of information that people can read up on. They have all of the laws and ordinances posted for everyone to see. If you think there is someone in violation of one of those laws or ordinances, then they even have a place you can call or email to report them. It is important for people to have a place to turn to in order to provide the cleanest environment possible. If we all work together, we can accomplish great things.