Our Place is Pest Free Now

After living in a cold weather state where many months of snow often kills many insects off each winter, I was simply not prepared for the amount of insects that reside where we now live. When my wife and I moved into a new place in NYC, I was overwhelmed at how tough it was to keep so many different unwanted creatures out. I really did not know that pest control in NYC is such a big deal.

First of all, there is not a lot of space in the city, and many people are crowded into buildings. If one neighbor has a pest problem, it is pretty much a sure thing that the neighbors nearby do, too. This is when many people try to load up on cans of bug spray at the store and have no luck getting rid of the pests on their own. Not to mention that most people do not know where the best places are to spray are. Most people spray a little under their bed, outside their door, and around a baseboard or two. That simply is not enough. If the problem goes away temporarily, most people can expect that they will just be back again a few weeks later.

My wife is very afraid of many types of things like spiders and roaches. Roaches had taken up residence in our place thanks to very sloppy neighbors who lived nearby. This was frustrating, and I am one of those people who thought I could get away with buying some cheap spray at a store to combat the problem. Before I knew it, we also had ants in our place. Nothing I tried stopped them from showing up. When I realized that I was not winning, I called in a pest control expert who rid our place of all extra pets immediately. That was six months ago and they have not been back since.