My Son Loves Everything About Science

My son has always been fascinated with the world around him. He has had the most curious mind I have ever witnessed in anyone, and I have encouraged him all his life to embrace all that is around him. He knew from about the age of 13 that science is what intrigues him the most, which is why I decided to look into A Level Physics tuition to see if there was a program that would help him more than what he was getting in his school lessons.

That is not to say his school lessons were not helping him, because he has never complained about them. I knew that the teacher was having to educate a lot of students at the same time though, and my son was leaps and bounds beyond them. I wanted him to continue to learn and to see this aspect of science in an interesting light since it seemed to be the direction he was heading to for his future career choices.

I knew that it would only help him to have a tutoring session with someone who is as involved in physics as my son wants to be one day. I looked at the different opportunities around the city, and I was most impressed with one that is only a few blocks away from us.

The teacher only has group sessions, but they are all small in size. I like this better than one on one sessions because my son was not falling behind to where he needed that kind of individualized attention. I wanted him to have the interaction that was going to increase his awareness and interest in physics. He has been going to these sessions for nearly two weeks now, and he has not been this excited about learning in such a long time. It was definitely the right move!