My Niece is Going to Be Just Fine

I had not seen my niece for nearly a year when she showed up on my doorstep. It was easy for me to recognize her, but I could tell that she had drastically changed. She has always had problems because of her home life, but she seemed to be so broken when I answered her knock. I welcomed her into my home, and I listened as she told me about the last year of her life. We both cried, but there were happy tears as well because she wanted to go to a young adult addiction treatment that she had heard about.

She knew that she would not have the support of her father and siblings, which is why she came to me. I went online to look at Alo House, which is where she wanted to go, and I thought that she was making a really good decision with them. This is not a treatment facility that helps to wean a person off of drugs, then kicks them back onto the street where a lot will just pick up their bad habits again. This place is really different because they go about the treatment plan differently.

Their goal is to help get people off of drugs, but they also want to prepare them for getting back into the world too. They know the temptations that will be waiting for them, and they want them to be strong on their own without the daily support they have at the treatment facility. I just liked everything I read about them, and I knew that she would thrive there. I helped her get registered there, and I told her that I was supporting her every step of the way. There were things that I was able to do for her, but a lot she had to do on her own. I am so pleased with her progress, and I know she is going to be just fine now.