My New Business Started Up Thanks to Me Losing My Previous Job

Feeling sorry for myself, I went outside to work in my yard one day. This is something that always made me feel better. I had lost my job, and I was having trouble finding a new one. That day, I mowed the lawn, trimmed all the hedges, and then I worked on using my pressure washer to clean my deck. The latter made me realize that I could offer pressure washing in Seattle to others to try to make ends meet. I felt so relieved that I had come up with an idea to try to get on my feet again. I just needed to hope that my machine would continue working as well as it did so that I could follow through with my plan.

I could have mowed lawns for money. But I find that wears me out after just mowing my own front lawn. By the time that I complete that, I am usually too tired to even start on my backyard. I knew this was not the way to try to make money, but I would have done it if I had needed to. On the other hand, pressure washing is so peaceful! I could do that all day. It is relaxing to watch the clean lines your machine makes as it washed dirt and grime away. It is also very satisfying to see something that was dirty look new once again after you clean it. I really like doing it.

I printed out some flyers with information on it to let neighbors know that I was offering my services. I also included my phone number and email address. I then walked around and passed the flyers out at many different homes nearby. I was hoping that I would at least get enough calls so that I could afford to buy food. Instead, I had so many people calling me that it kept me in business on a daily basis for the next year!