My Husband Took the Easy Way out

When I married my husband, I thought that I found my happily ever after. I did have that, at least for a few years. We were typical newlyweds. We loved each other so much, and we ended up having three children in the first three years of our marriage. I don’t know if it was this new responsibility of children that changed our dynamics, or if it was something else entirely. What I do know is that I never expected to visit a Salem divorce attorney before I even reached my tenth wedding anniversary.

I am not the type to cry over spilled milk though. I did try to convince my husband that we, his family, were worth fighting for. He chose to take the easy way out though, which was to just leave. When he made that decision, I decided to give him what he wanted, which was his freedom. I wish that I could say he was a good father, regardless of all this, but he was not. That is when I went into mama bear mode, because these kids are all that matter to me when it comes down to it, and I will fight to protect them.

That is why I wanted to have my own divorce lawyer. I was not able to work outside the home because the childcare costs would eat me alive, and I needed help. My husband was making excellent money, and the only reason he was able to do that was because I worked hard while he went to college when we were married. The lawyer I hired was able to get me a very good settlement, which was fair even though my ex did not think so. I was also awarded full custody, and now my next goal is to how my ex why he needs to have his kids in his life. As much as I dislike who he has become, my kids need their dad in their lives, and I am hoping that he steps up to the plate for them.