My First Escort in Utah

I was throwing a bachelor my party for my best friend Sam. Now Sam is a bit of a shy guy not sure how he landed the girl he was marrying to begin. She was a smoking hot bombshell. I wondered if we should have even thrown a bachelor party for the guy to begin with, but he insisted upon on it. I asked him and my other friend who was there at the time if there were any escort service nearby and of course him being shy he didn’t know. We both thought about it for a while.

We all thought about it for a while and my friend had the brilliant idea to look up google. I was a bit suspicious, but I thought I’d give it a try, living in Utah there not as many people as say a state like California or New York, but there were tons of options. Finding an escort for our party was simple as dirt a lot easier than I made it out to be. We had access to dozens of escorts at fingertips. A lot of them were far prettier than the woman my friend was marrying.

It made me think that the internet isn’t just a place you can shop for kitchen appliances or even food now, but a place where you can find a whole host of services. Me and my friend picked out a nice red head for Sam and the services were excellent. We all had a nice good time before he got married. Sam was a lot more cordial than you thought given it was his last night of freedom, but it was money well spent. It’s just amazing the sort of things you can find with a quick google search. Our bachelor party wouldn’t have been great if it weren’t for that.