Moving Back Home to a Luxury Executive Condo in Singapore

When I worked in the States for a subsidiary of the corporation I am employed with, I lived with my wife in a condo that was owned by the company. The housing allowance was part of the job. It allowed us to save a lot of money to be able to afford a nice place when we returned to Singapore. We sold all of our furniture and stored personal items at my wife’s parents home when we left. The job allowed us to have minimal expenses to save for a condo. We were pleased with the Bellewoods EC price when we moved back to Singapore.

We had been staying with my in-laws for a few weeks while we searched for the best executive condominium in Singapore to live in. We came back with a baby, and we needed to have our own space. Our savings and my promotion permitted us to be able to afford a luxury condo. I wanted my in-laws to actually live there with us, but they say they enjoy their condo very much. I understand that. Once you find a comfortable place to live, you do not want to give it up. Fortunately, they are very close to where Bellewoods is located.

We saw many condos, but the Bellewoods EC price for its level of luxury made the choice easy for us. We like the building, the grounds and all the amenities. We did pick a place with three bedrooms in order to have room for my in-laws when they visit. Plus, it can become a bedroom for our second child that we are planning to have. The view from our balcony is very nice, and we are thoroughly enjoying the swimming pools and spa that are part of the property here. The pools meander through landscaped areas with overhanging shady trees and even islands that are planted. It is very beautiful and calming.