Learning to Design and Plan

Those who are in charge of the biggest construction project these days have experience in Primavera P6 training. I’m still at the apprentice level with a big construction company. I’m making my way through school while working at the company to gain as much experience as I can. Someday I plan to be in charge of my own company and make important decisions on how the construction of the newest buildings will happen. I’ve had a dream of doing this since I was a kid, drawing doodles of buildings on my notepad with crayons and markers.

I’m also learning how to do design while learning about management. It’s one thing to be able to direct others when building something, but also being able to come up with a competent design from scratch is a valuable skill. If I ever decide to bring one of my own projects into fruition, I can save money on hiring a designer because I will be able to do it all on my own. I have some pretty neat ideas that I’ve been toying around with since I was a kid. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from designers who make buildings that are a bit out of the ordinary from what you would normally expect from a building.

A building with an unorthodox design has to be able to stand while looking good. It’s not enough to just make something that will provide striking visuals to the eye. The building has to be structurally sound or it will topple over at even the slightest breeze. History has taught us that making mistakes in the design process can lead to some fatal results. I wouldn’t want to have the lives of thousands of people on my hands just because I decided to make something that wouldn’t last for more than a few seconds.