It Was Time to Get Serious About My Family and My Life

I had to face facts that I am an alcoholic. It took me a long time to admit it and to finally enter an addiction treatment center for South Florida people recently. I had to do it for my wife and my kids. My wife told me that I would lose her if I wake up and do something before I lost my family. I know that my parents have been rather upset with me too, and they had distanced themselves from me for quite some time. My one and only sibling has done the same thing. I have so many broken promises that I need to repair because of my continued denial.

I was very close to my family when I was growing up. My brother was my best friend. But now he barely speaks to me. My father and my mother really love me, but they didn’t feel safe. So, they stop calling me as much and they stop inviting me, my wife and children over to their home. Because I was spending so much of my time drinking, my drinking is all that I could think of. I barely functioned at work or home. And I let my family slip through my fingers, too. I didn’t see it because of how much drinking I was doing every single day.

My wife is pretty passive. She did try to talk to me about my alcoholism problem quite a few times. But I kept telling her that I could stop anytime I wanted. The problem is that I didn’t want to. But the day that she let loose and yelled at me comma I knew I had a problem. She doesn’t yell at anyone. She told me she had one foot out the door already with our children, and then if I didn’t get into a treatment center as soon as possible comma she would be gone within the week. I am now sober, working on repairing what I almost lost.