It is Pretty Different Here in Texas

I like a lot of things down here in Austin, but it is weird in a lot of this state. This is a great place if you are a working musician like me. I have been down here for a couple of months and I am working really steady playing in all sorts of different bands. I got a job down here as a side man to a friend of mine who has become a bit of regional star. He got me a place to stay and I had to figure out the rest. If you go to you can see that down here you get to pick which one of a number of power companies you want to pick. It confused me a bit when they tried to explain this to me. I needed the power cut on and I just assumed that it was like back home where they just have the one company that gives you power and you take what they give you and pay what they say you pay.

It does not seem as though there is much reason to choose one power company over another, at least they look pretty much the same to me and the bill was pretty much going to be the same. I wanted to know who was going to come running the quickest if it got dark around here, but no one could answer that question for me. I guess that they did not really know if one was better at putting the power back or not. Obviously that is going to be a big deal if you have a storm. Back home we have hurricanes every year or so and you learn how much you depend on your electricity when you go without for a week or so.