I’m Ready for the Burglar

The purchase of my first home was an event that I had been looking forward to for some time. Both of my parents had raised me with the belief that a home is the very symbol of success in the United States. To some degree they were very much correct – many of us will find a home once we have settled down, graduated school and are preparing to start a family or begin our careers. So when my home was broken into within the first week of owning it, I called ADT Home Security despite the extreme disquiet that I felt regarding it.

I have never lived anywhere that had been broken into. Part of me was tempted to simply sell the house and be done with it due to the vulnerability that I felt. Imagine coming home to your home, your brand new home that you’ve only slept in a handful of times, only to discover that the place which was meant to be your sanctuary has been completely ransacked. They took everything that they could get their hands on. Clothes. My laptops. My computer. My XBOX One and PS4. I suppose it’s a silver lining that they left the television behind, clearly too large for them to move.

I’m still having difficulty sleeping at night. Every noise, every creak or groan that I hear, has been keeping me up at night. I’m ust waiting for the night when another burglar tries to get into my place yet again. ADT might be there to help me but what will I do until the police arrive? It’s a scary thought to know someone out there has been into your home, has taken everything from you and might be considering doing the same thing again. I’m ready for them this time.