I Was Not Ready to Give Up One of One of My Favorite Things

My dad is the one that got me in the stock car racing when I was much younger. He has been doing it for many years. I still like to race today, but when I began having a lot of trouble with my back, I thought it would put me out of commission for good. Thanks to the Redding chiropractor that I see every couple of weeks, I haven’t had a need to give up my favorite hobby at all. My grandson has been showing some interest in what I do, and it is a relief to be able to feel good again and teach him the ropes, too.

My father was always pretty adventurous from what his parents have mentioned many times. They always said they felt they had to keep a watchful eye on him when he was growing up because he had a penchant for doing daring things that worried his parents endlessly. They also say that they were not surprised when he took a liking to race cards. He’s never had an accident, though. He can be wild, but he follows the rules.

I’m not as adventurous as my dad is. That said, I love the thrill of getting behind the wheel at high speeds. I am more careful than my dad is and don’t take as may risks. That is why he is a lot better at it than I am. But I do pretty good for myself. I have two little girls at home, and I would like to make sure that I don’t injure myself in some way that shortens my time with them. My grandson seems to be more careful like I am. He is not old enough to drive himself, but he loves to come to the track to learn what he can from me.