I Needed the Best Shoes I Could Find

I needed the best shoes for standing all day I could find when I recently got my first job as a convenience store clerk at a busy location near the house. Even before I was hired, the store manager told me to go find some good shoes because I would be on my feet all day. He wasn’t kidding. Unfortunately he didn’t tell me I’d be on my feet all day and all night when the other employee failed to show up. That first double shift quickly proved I didn’t have the best shoes I could find. I needed to do research.

I looked online for shoes meant for working people, but quickly got bogged down in the sheer scope of the project. Everyone claims their shoes are the best and every other brand doesn’t match up. I spent a few hours reading various reviews and looking at images and came away as confused as before. With a busy weekend looming where I might possibly have to work another double shift without help, I knew I needed to cut to the chase and make a decision. I needed to find some comparison reviews and make a decision. My feet were counting on me.

Thank goodness I found a site that brings together all the information a buyer needs, and puts to together in an easy to understand style. Just skimming the article revealed several good options. They even listed the materials, a way to check the price, and pictures of the shoes. They even included a pros and cons list for each item, which is a great way to weigh your decision before buying. I was able to purchase a pair with confidence thanks to the site. I’m still waiting for them to arrive, but I just know my feet will thank me.