I Have That Land Cleared off

It was a really big job and I was lucky that my uncle was willing to leading me that little skid loader that he owns. Without it, the job would have been pretty awful. It was not big enough to really do all of the stuff that I need to do, but obviously it was a lot better at moving logs and brush than I am. You can push big piles round that would take a man all day and not end up having to see a Peoria chiropractor when you are done with it. Of course I have to do that on occasion any how. My back is always sore and this stuff did not do it a bit of good. I am thinking that when we are done I may have to go into Peoria and see that guy about it. Right now it is not causing me the sort of trouble that would throw me off of the timetable we have.

The bank is going to eventually come through with the money for the project, but they do not seem to be in a big hurry for it. Of course now that the land is clear I am ready to start digging the foundation and we want to get building as quickly as we can. Obviously the time to do this sort of thing is in the spring and the summer. Once the weather gets cold, all of this stuff gets to be really tough to get done. You definitely do not want to wait for the ground to freeze up hard before you start to excavate, so I am thinking about doing that on my own if they do not go ahead and get things rolling. Of course I would have to rent the big excavator for that.