I Have Been Thinking About This

In fact there are all sorts of things on the web that are not on the up and up, but this seems to be really shady if not completely illegal. I was looking for an app the other day, one that would help me keep track of my finances. Instead I ended up looking at this thing that purports to be a paypal money adder. They claim that you can get up to a thousand dollars in your paypal account, but I rather doubt that I would expect it to work and I would not want to go to jail over a thousand dollars. If I end up in jail there is going to be a real reason for it, enough money to fill up an armored car perhaps. It is a simple thing to say that, but in fact I really just do not have much desire to commit a crime of any sort, because I do not think they will have any girls in the prison they send me to.

This really does not seem like something that you can get away with, not unless you are a lot more technically proficient than I am. It is a simple matter for the police to find some person who knows enough about this stuff to track you down. Of course the reason these sorts of crimes are becoming so common is that you can get away with them if you are clever, in fact you can steal all sorts of money if you know what to do and if you get caught the punishment is not going to be that serious compared to other crimes. If you go in a bank with a gun, then you get the FBI on your case and the likelihood is that you walk off with very little money.