I Have Been in Scotland a Week or So Now

I have been in Scotland a week or so now and so far I have been having a rather grand time of it. I am sleeping on the couch of a third cousin of mine, Ross. I had not seen him since I was seventeen, back then the two of us were doing a great deal of excessive drinking in South London, Ross is living in postgraduate accommodation in Edinburgh with two beautiful girls, one of whom he is dating and the other is apparently in the midst of breaking up with an older man whom she does not seem to talk about. At any rate I would dearly love to take her out and help her forget about this guy, but it is not the time for that and Ross’ girlfriend seems determined to introduce me to all sorts of other girls. A lot of them are in law school like her and so they all seem to have other things to focus upon.

We had a dinner party the night I got here, and the other guest was an absolutely drop dead gorgeous girl. She looked quite young for it, but she was nearly done with law school. In fact I might have guessed that she was a junior in college if you had asked. At any rate she never showed any interest in me, and it was obvious that her sole priority right now is to graduate from law school with honors, get admitted to the bar and then get a position with a connected law firm. I am quite sure that she is interested in running for political office at some point, she did everything save come out and say this. Of course you sort of need the spouse from central casting with the good family and so forth.