I Have a New Job

I suppose that you could call it a personal assistant, but the truth is that I am a flunky for a rich old guy. In fact I sort of wonder that much of it is not that he is lonely, he had been married for forty some years before his wife passed away a couple of years ago. He is in pretty good shape considering his age, but he has back pain. Three days ago I drove him to see a chiropractor in Beverly Hills and I sat around and waited for him to get out of there. After that we drove around and he took me to see this friend of his, apparently he used to be a movie producer. The two of them sat around the pool in the back of the mansion, but I just waited around. The other guy had this huge guard dog and the thing seemed to think that I was about to steal the silverware.

At any rate the job is pretty simple. I just do the stuff that needs to be done and when he wants to go some place, I get in his Lincoln and drive him there. Apparently he decided that he was too scary on the road, which I can imagine. He has these really thick glasses, but they probably are not thick enough. He can see stuff close up, but not if they are farther away from him. At any rate I got a room where I live too and all the food that I can eat too, so the pay is a lot more in real terms that it would be for a much better job. If you think about it the truth is that just the taxes on the money the food and lodging costs would be significant.