I Feel Just As Safe As Ever

I moved to Albuquerque because my doctor told me the environment there would be better for my health. I had heard other people like me had moved there for the same reason, so I was not surprised to hear the suggestion. I have family close to there anyway, so I had no problems selling my house and relocating. I bought a small one bedroom house there on the outskirts of town, which was simply perfect for my needs. Even before I moved in though, I looked up information to find an Albuquerque ADT company.

When I lived in Pennsylvania, I had ADT as my security company, and I was not about to change. I had never had any problems with them, and I found through the years that their customer service is excellent. I set off the alarm myself a few times by accident, and they were always on the ball to call and make sure I was okay. One time when I did not answer my phone, the police came within minutes. That is the kind of response that you want to have from your home security system, and it is the reason why I wanted to stay with them.

The town that I moved to is nowhere near the size of the city I had left in Pennsylvania, but I knew that did not matter. Criminals target little towns just as much if not more than the bigger towns because people let their guards down even more. Well, most people do. I am not one of them. I wanted my security system installed even before I moved into my new house. I got the same plan that I had before, and the technicians had everything up and running on time for me. I really do love living here, and I feel just as safe as ever too.