Grandma’s Special Potato Chip Recipe is Now on Our Commercial Production Line

My grandmother taught my mom how to make these perfect potato chips from fresh potatoes. She would cut them to a specific thickness and fry them in a cast iron skillet that had cooking oil in it. Mom is more of a health guru, so we did not get potato chips often. That is a good thing, but I missed them. So, I asked my elderly grandmother to show me how she makes them, especially the seasoning blend. They are so good that now we own two net weight filling machines and are working out of a commercial kitchen selling thousands of bags of her special potato chips every week.

Grandma is getting her cut to supplement her retirement income even though she told me to not pay her. She is the one who invented the seasoning blend and process for making the savory chips, so of course I made sure she is taken care of. She even comes to the kitchen each work day for quality control. No one know how they should precisely taste than the lady who perfected the recipe herself. She enjoys hanging out with our workers, and being able to eat potato chips throughout the work day. If she does not like a batch made from newly sourced raw ingredients, we start over. They never make it to our standard packaging line.

The net weight filling machines are running 16 hours a day producing as many bags as we can fill. The product is flying off of the shells regionally, and we are looking into what we need to do to ramp up for national production. Grandma is amazed that so many people like her chips. It is nice to take a food I enjoyed as a kid and make it into a product that has a regional fame and hopefully will some day have a national fame.