Did You Know That a Popular Breath-Freshening Treat is Made from Crude Oil?

Searching for crude oil is kind of like trying to find the best gas prices. You could drive to each gas station, or you could use technology to find the best price in your area. There are apps to help you find cheaper gasoline prices, and there is new technology available that shows direct hydrocarbon indicators deep in the ocean. A company has technology that can detect oil seepage in areas of the ocean that are indicators of hydrocarbons in the earth’s crust. This is a game changer for oil exploration. When you are investing in wells or oil drilling platforms, you want to strike black gold wherever you drill.

It costs a lot of money just to sink a land well. Moving an oil rig across the ocean costs millions. You want to find oil wherever you stop to drill, and you want to find a lot of it. We go through billions upon billions of gallons of oil on the earth for everything from gasoline to diesel to plastics and even makeup products. A lot of the products you use are made from petroleum products. Even chewing gum is derived from petroleum byproducts. Every time you chew a stick of gum, you are essentially chewing something that is ancient. Of course, it looks nothing like crude that bubbles up out of the ground, and it certainly does not taste like it!

The world would be a vastly different place without petroleum products derived from crude oil from deep within the earth. There is a lot of controversy over drilling for oil in natural places and off shore, but you should think about all the things you enjoy that come from oil before deciding on your position concerning the future of oil exploration. The nice thing is that the advanced technology that helps detect direct hydrocarbon indicators also helps in precision in drilling to not waste resources searching for the precious crude oil.