Dad Left Me Something That Means the World to Me

I walked was taking a stroll recently, and I came across some silver coin dealers in Nashville as they were doing their jobs in their shop. It immediately took me back to when my dad would let me watch as he worked on his coin collection. He originally started out by bringing home a few coin from the many different countries he traveled to. He wasn’t doing that for himself because I was the one who always asked for them, He was always happy to oblige, though. Over time, that led him to become more interested in coins in general. He began searching out old coins and buying them little by little. His coin collection grew quite a bit over the years.

Dad was pretty thrifty with his money. He had a decent job, but mom was a house wife and the two of them had five children. So, they were very careful. But mom had her vices that she would spend a little money on here and there such as getting her hair and nails done. She also liked to read books and magazines. Dad’s only hobby was collecting coins. Every month, he would buy one or two coins. Some of them were new and some of them were much older. I always came running every time he said, “I bought some new coins!” We would look them over carefully together, and then he would let me place them in some protective sheeting so they would stay safe in his collection box. I loved the time we spent together on it.

I forgot about that old collection until dad passed away. I learned that he had willed it to me. I was so touched. He knew how much our time together meant. I ended up having them appraised and learned that the entire collection was worth $30,000! I didn’t want to sell them because I felt like I would be losing part of dad if I did.