Cleaning Company Did an Excellent Job

I found online while doing an extensive search for a cleaning company that could handle the challenge of tidying up an apartment. I planned on moving within the next two weeks and needed a company to come out and clean up my place and then clean the place I would be moving into. My place wasn’t too bad, but definitely needed a good picking up if for no other reason than that I wanted to get most of my security deposit back. Landlords will sometimes hold back this money if they think you treated their property like garbage.

I didn’t have anything too serious to worry about with my place, but the new place definitely needed some work. The landlord there couldn’t be bothered with doing his job and actually offered to drop my rent for six months if I cleaned the place up myself. The discount he offered was significant enough that I knew I could still hire a company and come out way ahead on the deal. So I needed a cleaning firm who could handle both places. I just hoped I could find one that would be able to fit the work in around my moving schedule.

Surprisingly, some places wouldn’t or couldn’t meet the demand. The one above readily agreed to do the work, however, and they stayed in close contact with me to make sure everything would be done correctly and the way that I wanted it done. They got through my current place in about an hour. That was good. The new place, however, took them a few extra hours. They actually did a better job than I thought they would because they discovered a spot of mold that I hadn’t seen. They cleaned it up, too. I’ll be moving into a nice, clean apartment soon!