I Got Started with a Home-Based Business Preparing Tax Returns

We started by converting half of our two car garage into an office. The garage door was replaced with a wall and regular entry door. The inside was finished in drywall, and commercial flooring was put down. I was finishing my courses to get my EFIN, and we were getting tax preparation software for professionals to install on the two computers that would be in the office. Some office furniture and a phone system was added, and I was open for business.

I lived in an area where I could have a home business that had minimal customer traffic. About five or so people came by each day, and that was more than enough to replace two full time incomes. All I was doing was preparing taxes for people. I was not even allowed to have a small sign outside, but people knew where I was at. They knew my phone number and they memorized my office hours. I was providing a valuable service to them, and they trusted me to do it right. It is amazing, but I know the financial secrets of a lot of people in the neighborhood I live in. Continue reading I Got Started with a Home-Based Business Preparing Tax Returns

Grandma’s Special Potato Chip Recipe is Now on Our Commercial Production Line

My grandmother taught my mom how to make these perfect potato chips from fresh potatoes. She would cut them to a specific thickness and fry them in a cast iron skillet that had cooking oil in it. Mom is more of a health guru, so we did not get potato chips often. That is a good thing, but I missed them. So, I asked my elderly grandmother to show me how she makes them, especially the seasoning blend. They are so good that now we own two net weight filling machines and are working out of a commercial kitchen selling thousands of bags of her special potato chips every week.

Grandma is getting her cut to supplement her retirement income even though she told me to not pay her. She is the one who invented the seasoning blend and process for making the savory chips, so of course I made sure she is taken care of. She even comes to the kitchen each work day for quality control. No one know how they should precisely taste than the lady who perfected the recipe herself. Continue reading Grandma’s Special Potato Chip Recipe is Now on Our Commercial Production Line

Did You Know That a Popular Breath-Freshening Treat is Made from Crude Oil?

Searching for crude oil is kind of like trying to find the best gas prices. You could drive to each gas station, or you could use technology to find the best price in your area. There are apps to help you find cheaper gasoline prices, and there is new technology available that shows direct hydrocarbon indicators deep in the ocean. A company has technology that can detect oil seepage in areas of the ocean that are indicators of hydrocarbons in the earth’s crust. This is a game changer for oil exploration. When you are investing in wells or oil drilling platforms, you want to strike black gold wherever you drill.

It costs a lot of money just to sink a land well. Moving an oil rig across the ocean costs millions. You want to find oil wherever you stop to drill, and you want to find a lot of it. We go through billions upon billions of gallons of oil on the earth for everything from gasoline to diesel to plastics and even makeup products. A lot of the products you use are made from petroleum products. Even chewing gum is derived from petroleum byproducts. Continue reading Did You Know That a Popular Breath-Freshening Treat is Made from Crude Oil?

Starting My Own Business Without Crowdfunding or Using Credit Cards

I have seen people using crowdfunding and borrowing from anywhere they can to start a business. Granted, they are dreamers, but some do have good ideas. The problem is that some don’t. It takes more than an idea to start a business. When I started my business I used my credit history to get consumer financing for merchants without having to borrow a nickel from banks or using crowdfunding. I have always been independent, and I did not want to owe a bunch of people a piece of my business. This is why I will never go public with my business too. I am independent and do not want partners or stockholders to answer to. Continue reading Starting My Own Business Without Crowdfunding or Using Credit Cards

Something Better for a Snack

During the day, I usually go to the vending machine at work for a quick snack. The food and drink machines are right next to each other, so I’ll grab a bag of chips or a candy bar, and a bottle of soda. It fills me up for the moment, but it doesn’t give me that much energy. My wife suggested I try eating something a little healthier, and bought me some healthy walnut snacks. I like walnuts, but I usually eat them at the end of the year during Christmas time. I never considered having them on a regular basis.

My wife also bought me some baby carrots, trail mix, and pomegranate juice to replace the soda. Continue reading Something Better for a Snack

My Insurance Premiums Were Too Expensive

When my friend told me about her experiences with Moose Jaw insurance, it really made me think about my own insurance experiences. I had not had very good ones, especially as far as costs were concerned. It seemed that every year, prices would go up with one thing or another. My insurance premiums were among the worst offenders for this, but I thought it was just something I had to deal with. I honestly thought that the insurance premiums for everyone was going up, but it was not until I talked with my friend that I realized this was not true. Continue reading My Insurance Premiums Were Too Expensive

A Good Lawyer Helped Me

There are lots of bad consequences when someone is pulled over after a night of drinking. I know from first hand experience because I was driving home from a party when I saw the red lights in my rear view mirror. I thought I had been careful, but the police thought otherwise. I ended up spending a night in jail, and I knew that I had caused myself a lot of grief over a few hours of fun. I needed a good DWI lawyer in Albany NY because I did not want this following me for the rest of my life.

I could have defended myself and saved a bit of money, but I also knew that I could end up losing my license or even spending time in jail since I was definitely guilty. Continue reading A Good Lawyer Helped Me

I Have That Land Cleared off

It was a really big job and I was lucky that my uncle was willing to leading me that little skid loader that he owns. Without it, the job would have been pretty awful. It was not big enough to really do all of the stuff that I need to do, but obviously it was a lot better at moving logs and brush than I am. You can push big piles round that would take a man all day and not end up having to see a Peoria chiropractor when you are done with it. Of course I have to do that on occasion any how. My back is always sore and this stuff did not do it a bit of good. I am thinking that when we are done I may have to go into Peoria and see that guy about it. Continue reading I Have That Land Cleared off

I Have a New Job

I suppose that you could call it a personal assistant, but the truth is that I am a flunky for a rich old guy. In fact I sort of wonder that much of it is not that he is lonely, he had been married for forty some years before his wife passed away a couple of years ago. He is in pretty good shape considering his age, but he has back pain. Three days ago I drove him to see a chiropractor in Beverly Hills and I sat around and waited for him to get out of there. After that we drove around and he took me to see this friend of his, apparently he used to be a movie producer. Continue reading I Have a New Job

I Was Not Ready to Give Up One of One of My Favorite Things

My dad is the one that got me in the stock car racing when I was much younger. He has been doing it for many years. I still like to race today, but when I began having a lot of trouble with my back, I thought it would put me out of commission for good. Thanks to the Redding chiropractor that I see every couple of weeks, I haven’t had a need to give up my favorite hobby at all. My grandson has been showing some interest in what I do, and it is a relief to be able to feel good again and teach him the ropes, too.

My father was always pretty adventurous from what his parents have mentioned many times. They always said they felt they had to keep a watchful eye on him when he was growing up because he had a penchant for doing daring things that worried his parents endlessly. Continue reading I Was Not Ready to Give Up One of One of My Favorite Things

Calling a Professional to Prune My Favorite Trees

The weather outside is improving, and so it’s time for me to begin thinking about my front yard. I have two very large trees that are on either side of the main entryway. Every year I spent a full weekend attending to these trees and getting them back into top shape. It really is a labor-intensive, so I’ve been considering hiring someone who is an expert in tree pruning in Long Island. I think that the money I spend on this service will be well worth the cost, because I will be able to have an extra weekend to do whatever I’d like.

One of the reasons I’ve decided to hire someone rather than do it myself is because my best friend suggested that I do so. The trees in my front yard are so massive that pruning them is quite an ordeal. I have to put on safety gear and use ropes in order to get to the top of these trees. My neighbors think I’m crazy for trying to do it on my own, but I think it’s relaxing. Continue reading Calling a Professional to Prune My Favorite Trees

I Have Been Thinking About This

In fact there are all sorts of things on the web that are not on the up and up, but this seems to be really shady if not completely illegal. I was looking for an app the other day, one that would help me keep track of my finances. Instead I ended up looking at this thing that purports to be a paypal money adder. They claim that you can get up to a thousand dollars in your paypal account, but I rather doubt that I would expect it to work and I would not want to go to jail over a thousand dollars. If I end up in jail there is going to be a real reason for it, enough money to fill up an armored car perhaps. It is a simple thing to say that, but in fact I really just do not have much desire to commit a crime of any sort, because I do not think they will have any girls in the prison they send me to. Continue reading I Have Been Thinking About This

Have to Fix My Dad’s Foundation

In fact I have not been in the place for some time. We were renting the place out since Papa did not want to sell it. He has been living with my sister and she told me that the tenant had shown her this problem. They call it subsistence, which means that we need to find a masonry contractor in Nassau county NY to fix the foundation. The cause is pretty simple, running water from a leaky pipe caused it to undermine the foundation. In fact you can look at the Grand Canyon if you do not know what water can do when given the time to work at something. Continue reading Have to Fix My Dad’s Foundation

Working to Regain Market Share by Improving Our Page Ranking

We were generating a nice income with our online business, but then we had sales drop off. A competitor ended up with a higher page ranking than us. We relied a lot on new customer acquisition since a lot of our products were one time purchases. When we dropped in page ranking, our competitor advanced. I looked for a company that does search engine optimization for Atlanta businesses. We needed to get our domain ranked higher again at the search engines. I wanted to be in the top three websites underneath the ad results.

There are mixed results in how I see customers viewing those ad sites that pop up at the top of a search. Continue reading Working to Regain Market Share by Improving Our Page Ranking

Something to Cheer My Little Guy Up

I decided to buy dog toys recently due to a big promotion at work that has kept me away from home for a few extra hours a day. I have a dog and he isn’t taking the promotion that well. You know how dogs get used to a routine schedule, and when that schedule is interrupted it can be very hard on them. He was used to me leaving at the same time in the morning and coming home at the same time every night, and that has all been upended with the new job. He’s not a happy camper.

I set up a couple of cameras in my house and had them stream to the internet so I could keep an eye on him at work. It was a really depressing site. All he did all day was mope around the place, and he seemed to be sleeping a lot more than normal. I also noticed that he would go and sit at the door and then move back and forth between there and the window around the old time I used to get home. It was so sad, but I didn’t think there was much I could do about it.

Then I thought about dog toys. Maybe I could find something for him online that would keep him occupied. I found a few items online and purchased them. The thing was is that I didn’t have many toys for him before. I had a rope that we would play tug with, but nothing like squeaker toys that might hold his interest and distract him from thinking about my absence. The toys definitely helped as now I’d see him get up and play with them throughout the day. I think it’s been better. It’s not perfect, but better. He seems happier anyway!

My Niece is Going to Be Just Fine

I had not seen my niece for nearly a year when she showed up on my doorstep. It was easy for me to recognize her, but I could tell that she had drastically changed. She has always had problems because of her home life, but she seemed to be so broken when I answered her knock. I welcomed her into my home, and I listened as she told me about the last year of her life. We both cried, but there were happy tears as well because she wanted to go to a young adult addiction treatment that she had heard about.

She knew that she would not have the support of her father and siblings, which is why she came to me. I went online to look at Alo House, which is where she wanted to go, and I thought that she was making a really good decision with them. Continue reading My Niece is Going to Be Just Fine

They Helped Me with My Marketing Campaigns

Social media sites are the go to for people of all ages. If you want to find out about a news story or ball game, it is easy to find the information you want on any of the popular social media sites. If you want to find out more information on a brand or interact with the brand itself, then people go to that company’s social media site. That is why I wanted to find a company that is very familiar with social media marketing in Concord CA. I knew that I was missing out on a huge market by not managing my company’s social media marketing better.

I was reaching people who were already on my company’s social media sites, but I needed to expand. That was the part that I did not understand how to make happen. Continue reading They Helped Me with My Marketing Campaigns

Making Food and Activity Changes Became a Needed Way of Life

If you don’t take care of and use your body in healthy ways, your body will soon begin to break down and not work as well as it should over time. This happened to me. I was lazy, and it was time to admit it. When my husband and I found out that I was pregnant, I started going to a chiropractor in Corte Madera because I was having trouble carrying around the extra weight of our bab due to how badly I had let myself get over the years. My muscles were weak in my back, stomach, legs and shoulders.

As an older mom-to-be, I know how easy it is for a woman to have a miscarriage if she is pregnant as an older woman. So I really wanted to be careful about what I do that could have affect my pregnancy. I did try strengthening my muscles by doing some light yoga stretches. But I ached so much every day anyway. Continue reading Making Food and Activity Changes Became a Needed Way of Life

My Son Has His Life Back

My son means the world to me, and I would do anything in my power to help him. That is why I wanted to move mountains when I found out he had become addicted to pain pills. I knew that he had started taking them because of a football injury, but I had no idea that he had become addicted to them. When he had his first withdrawal, it was very ugly, and that is when the truth came out. While I was doing research on young adult addiction rehab in NJ, he was busy trying to find his next fix in our town. Continue reading My Son Has His Life Back

It Was Time to Get Serious About My Family and My Life

I had to face facts that I am an alcoholic. It took me a long time to admit it and to finally enter an addiction treatment center for South Florida people recently. I had to do it for my wife and my kids. My wife told me that I would lose her if I wake up and do something before I lost my family. I know that my parents have been rather upset with me too, and they had distanced themselves from me for quite some time. My one and only sibling has done the same thing. I have so many broken promises that I need to repair because of my continued denial.

I was very close to my family when I was growing up. My brother was my best friend. But now he barely speaks to me. My father and my mother really love me, but they didn’t feel safe. So, they stop calling me as much and they stop inviting me, my wife and children over to their home. Because I was spending so much of my time drinking, my drinking is all that I could think of. I barely functioned at work or home. Continue reading It Was Time to Get Serious About My Family and My Life