Built to Survive the Competition

There was once a television show that allowed people to build their own robots and enter them into an arena where they fight to the death. I always wants to be on this show, but I was just a kid, and my parents didn’t have the money to buy parts to build a robot. Now that I’m older, I can buy my own parts. I came up with a robot design that has three weapons for taking down opponents. I bought some metal and an annular cutter to bring my robot to life.

The robot has a flipper on the front for flipping other robots on their back. If the opposing robot doesn’t have some kind of self right mechanism, then it will just sit on its back for the rest of the competition, resulting in it taking damage from my robot, or by being disqualified by count out. The robot also has a spinning blade that acts as an attack weapon. When the blade spins at high speed, it hits the other robot, knocking off pieces of metal from the frame of the robot, and sometimes it can cut deep enough to stop the robot from moving entirely.

The final weapon that the robot has is an axe. When the opposing robot is close enough, the axe will come down at a high speed, puncturing the frame of the robot. These three weapons are the most successful among the competitions, so I figured it would be a smart idea to combine them all into one robot. The axe can also act as a self right mechanism for my own robot, just in case it tips over. The competition starts next month, so I have a little time to look over the robot to make sure that it performs perfectly in every scenario.