Building Relationships and Making Cultural Connections

I own a convenience store in town, and I got to become good friends with my competition. He and his wife own a store at the other end of town. He had his brother come over from India to assume operation of the store while him and his wife and kids move back home. They said they will visit as often as they can, but they wanted to go home. I can understand that. We are keeping in touch so my wife and I looked for an online way to buy toys for kids in India. We wanted to be able to get their kids presents since we have spent a few birthdays and holidays together.

The website we found has toys for kids in India. We have been purchasing from there for about a year. Well, we got to know my friend’s brother and his wife and children quite well too. They were suffering from the typical American culture shock, so we went and ordered some toys for their children at this site where you can buy toys for kids in India. We gave them the gifts when we went over for dinner one evening. His wife was trying her hand at cooking fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and cole slaw. She wanted to see how she did with “American” food. She did amazingly well actually.

The kids were bowled over to get toys based on the Chhota Bheem character from India. My friend asked me where I got them. I showed him the website. They were very appreciative. I knew they would adjust well to American life over time. It is just a matter of holding onto some things from your home and learning some new things. The important thing is making new friends that develop into family relationships that last.