Building a Recording Studio in Our Home Was Easy with the Right Help

I have been playing instruments since I was a child. I can play guitar, piano and the saxophone on a professional level. There are other instruments I can play well, but not at a pro level. I have collected a lot of gear over the years, and I have always wanted a recording studio in our house. We had the game room in the basement transformed into a recording studio by a company that does industrial audio gear servicing. We had a contractor build out the room and put in all the standard electrical wiring. The sound company came in and hooked up everything else. The sound board itself has almost 1,500 knobs, buttons and sliders.

I took classes to learn how to do audio engineering. A lot of it is controlled by software now, but you still need to know how to work the sound board to get the perfect sound. I still do a lot of tweaking by ear to get the sound I am looking for. Not everything can be just run through an algorithm. Some music you need to feel when you hear to get it right. It is, however, really nice to have access to the most powerful sound engineering gear right in the lower level of our house. We have recorded all but one of our CDs here.

We have a hobby that makes us enough to qualify as being a business. We have helped a few other artists get a professional recording done at much less than what a bigger studio would charge. Some young artists hear the costs to rent a studio with an engineer and almost faint. It can be really expensive. We have all the tools the big studios have, but we can rent our time at a much lower price.