An Apartment with Everything I Want

I am not afraid to go out in public, but I choose to not go out if I can help it. I just don’t like crowds at all, which is why I wanted to look at some nice apartments for rent in Rio Rancho NM. I spend the majority of my time in my apartment because I am a freelancer working from home, so I wanted an apartment that feels very comfortable to me. The only way that can happen is for it to have large rooms and a nice layout, so I mainly looked at the floor plans of where I would be living.

I didn’t care about community amenities because I knew I would not be using them that often. As long as there was a fitness center and a swimming pool, I knew I would be okay. I can use both of those when other people are at work or school, so I knew it would not be crowded then. That just left finding the perfect apartment, which was actually easier than what I thought it would be. I definitely wanted a two bedroom, because I did not want to work out of the living room or dining room.

I have a pretty big setup for my work station, and I wanted a room dedicated to just that. I have a desk, four bookcases, a small table, and my chair and filing cabinet, and that would just clutter up the living room. I also wanted to have a balcony or deck, because I do enjoy being outside as long as I can just be by myself for the most part. I was able to find a two bedroom apartment with a large porch, two baths, a humongous living room and even a private dining room. It is perfect for me!