Almost Got the New Office Ready

This is just an annex really, so it is not going to require the full regimen of office equipment. There shall be a shop where they will have two shifts of guys working ten hour days. The guys decided they liked that better, you work Monday through Thursday and if you have to put in overtime you can do it on Friday. There is probably just going to be one guy in the office. I guess he will need a computer and a printer with scanner software, stuff like that, but he is going to probably get second hand stuff from the main office. There is not going to be the need for this guy to do a lot of serious paperwork. In fact there will probably only be our trucks picking up there. The shop foreman will drive the three axle truck over there once or twice a day to deliver and pick up.

We are most concerned about the stuff that makes the guys happy. It is not easy to replace guys who know what they are doing and so when we get people trained up to speed we want to retain them. So we are going to add some little things that will make them happy. Of course you put in a shower because they get nasty and they do not want to drive home in filthy clothes. You want to provide them with a decent breakroom with a full kitchen. We have that at the main shop, but it was not very well thought at and is sort of half way well done. This is going to a much better design since it was thought out before the fact and is going to be a whole lot better because it was not an improvised after thought.