A Wild Night with Pulled Hair

A wild and drunken night with my boyfriend resulted in the curly weave, that was so delicately placed in my hair by my hair stylist, falling out and onto my bed. I didn’t notice it until I woke up the next morning with a massive headache. I was too hungover to be mad with my boyfriend at the time, but as I began to sober up, my anger levels started rising. My boyfriend knew that I would never let him hear the end of it, so he bought me some more weave and one dozen roses as a way of saying sorry.

I couldn’t stay mad at my boyfriend for long, but there would be no more hair pulling in the bedroom, no matter how drunk we both became. I had to make another appointment with my hair stylist later in the week because she was booked up for the next couple of days. When I finally got to see her, she asked me what happened to the weave she put in, and I told her that I had a little mishap with my boyfriend. She was able to correctly deduce that my boyfriend and I had gotten drunk one night and had a wild night in the bedroom from that one sentence.

With my new set of weave in place, I went out with my boyfriend that night to celebrate. There was a new French restaurant that opened up and my boyfriend and I were dying to try it out. We had never tried frog legs or snails, but they were on the menu, so we gave them a taste. I hate it when people say something tastes like chicken, but that’s exactly what the frog legs tasted like to me. The chef did a great job of frying them.