A Realtor Found Me the Best Home

I was not sure what kind of home I wanted when I first started looking at real estate in Santa Barbara. I looked at several houses, but I really did not see any that sparked any interest in me. I decided to talk to a real estate agent to see if there were any that would be able to help me narrow down what I was searching for. I ended up picking the right one the first time, because it did not take her long to find out exactly what I wanted.

I consider that pretty amazing, especially since I had no idea what I wanted myself. She asked me a series of questions though, and those were very easy to answer. Yes, I wanted more than one bedroom, even though I am a single guy with no kids. I just wanted to have a guest room in case I had overnight visitors, which is always a possibility. I did not want a big yard at all. I did not care about having a super big kitchen. I was mainly just wanting a place to rest and relax when I was not working or traveling.

With all of that information, she showed me a two bedroom condo with two bathrooms. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was perfect for me. The price was a lot lower than what I was expecting to pay too, but I suppose that is because I was getting only what I need rather than a lot of rooms and yard that I could never use on my own. I am really impressed with how she found me the perfect home within just a couple of meetings, and I will always recommend her to any friends who are looking to buy or sell their house.