A Good Lawyer Helped Me

There are lots of bad consequences when someone is pulled over after a night of drinking. I know from first hand experience because I was driving home from a party when I saw the red lights in my rear view mirror. I thought I had been careful, but the police thought otherwise. I ended up spending a night in jail, and I knew that I had caused myself a lot of grief over a few hours of fun. I needed a good DWI lawyer in Albany NY because I did not want this following me for the rest of my life.

I could have defended myself and saved a bit of money, but I also knew that I could end up losing my license or even spending time in jail since I was definitely guilty. I would rather spend the money and let someone who knows the system intimately take the reins on this. I did not want to save a few bucks and end up in jail when I could spend the money and hopefully get away with my license and life in tact. I just had to find the right one to help me because there are a lot of law firms in town.

I went online once I got home to carefully look at the ones that handle cases like mine. After finding a few that I thought looked good, I searched for independent and unbiased reviews. I am so glad I did this because several people spent a lot of money on one law firm and got no help whatsoever. There was another though that had excellent reviews, and I went with them. It was the right choice because I did not lose my license or have to spend any additional time in jail. I also did not have this following me around after successfully completing a first offender’s program.